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writing and editing

A strong writer-editor relationship is critical for a successful project. Do you feel comfortable asking your questions . . . talking about the work, the process, your concerns? Can you trust that the editor’s priority is you and your message?

The first step to a brilliantly successful book project is to find an editor with whom you click in order to ensure the best working relationship. To write—or edit—“in resonance” means suffusing every phase of the writing process with the energy of your own personal truth to grab the reader’s attention and keep it. The cycle of writing—editing—rewriting until the work is done is one that takes careful, thoughtful consideration around each aspect of the process for author and editor alike. In essence, it's a partnership that requires honest communication and a shared goal.

writing workshops and coaching
It's time to develop your true, authentic voice!

Writing infused with integrity and raw emotion is what compels readers to identify with your message. It's what separates words that are strung together from great writing. It's what really matters! The first step to writing authentically is to learn how to step into your deepest resonance-into your truest self, the Self that has a message to share with the world. You can start right now! All you need is conscious intent, an openness to your deepest truth, and a willingness to challenge preconceived notions of life, relationships, and creativity.

One-on-one (and group) coaching sessions focus on finding your authentic voice through uniquely powerful tools and techniques to apply to the process of writing and editing-and living.

Individual coaching sessions: $75/half hour; $150/hour
Group sessions / workshops / rates available: call for details

editing levels
Because "editing" encompasses so many elements, proceeding with the next phase to make your writing the best it can be can feel confounding. Therefore, the first task of any editor is to assess the specific level of editing your manuscript requires. You many need proofreading-correcting for grammar, punctuation, and typos; line/mechanical editing-addressing concerns around flow, style, and content; or a much higher level of developmental, organizational, or substantive rewriting to bring the work up to the publishable standards you expect. The term "editing" includes all these levels.

I am happy to provide a sample edit and talk to you about what level of editing your manuscript requires. Hourly fees are based on word count and level.

Would you prefer to hand over the reins to a professional to bring your project up to publishable standards with a full rewrite? Do you have a new website that requires content? My goal when rewriting or creating content is to maintain your voice at all times in order to deliver your unique message. You retain all rights as the sole author of the work, content, and so on.

Coauthoring means we choose to work together on your book project from its inception. We appear as joint authors on the published work.

Ghostwriting means writing your story or nonfiction work from start to finish, often without your having to put a word to paper. Because ghostwriting also means hiring a writer to remain anonymous, his/her name does not appear as an author or contributor on the published work.

manuscript critiques
Critiques, or evaluations, offer you the chance to acquire a professional opinion on all aspects of your completed manuscript in order to proceed with your next step. Even for seasoned writers, it's never easy to take the risk to ask for this kind of objective opinion of your work! Whether you choose to take the self-publishing route or look for an agent/commercial publisher, however, this is one step you do not want to skip.

As with writing and editing, various approaches to manuscript critiquing are available both in terms of depth and analysis criteria, depending on the stage of your writing process and your objectives. Reports for fiction cover all elements, including plot, characters, tense, voice, tone, structure, flow, and so on.

Various options available to discuss findings and determine next steps. Project fees based on word count and chosen option.