The services I offer are uniquely me and enable me to be and do the absolute best for my clients. I feel blessed to love the work I do, and to do it well. And while I know there will always be another writer, editor, or consultant, I also know, as my husband always said, that “there’s no one quite like Heidi.”

For many years, Harvard Girl Word Services has passionately offered traditional writing, editing, and self-publishing services along with coaching and workshop facilitation, and I have often been told by clients how much they appreciate my ability to interpret and express precisely what they want to say through words and design. I cannot imagine a more gratifying endorsement. Now, I am happy to announce that, in addition to these more traditional services, I am offering workshops of a new ilk, such as Writing with Conscious Intent and Ghostwriting: Writing with the Dead, as well as audiobook narration and improvisational, guided flute compositions.

One for one, these services fit perfectly, if perhaps unconventionally, into the Harvard Girl Word Services paradigm, since each is founded on my philosophy of building love, joy, and truth through my two favorite means of communication: music and words. A close friend recently summed it up nicely: "Your work incorporates all the passions of your intellectual, professional, and soul life." What could be more perfect?


Crossing the Rubicon

by Heidi Connolly

heidi connolly

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